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Clinical trial for atopic dogs

A Pilot Multicenter Field Study of a Novel Oral Therapeutic in Dogs with Moderate-to-Severe Canine Atopic Dermatitis Dermatology for Animals is currently enrolling cases in a nationwide clinical trial to evaluate novel therapeutic designed to inhibit inflammation in dogs with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis. The study is designed to assess the benefit after a course of […]


Dermatology for Animals is proud to announce that we now offer cryosurgery at several of our locations. In excitement at being able to offer this to our clients, we wanted to share with you a little about what cryosurgery is and how it may be helpful for your pet. What is cryosurgery? Cryosurgery is the […]


After much research, anticipation and high hopes, we now have a new drug available for the treatment of allergic skin disease in dogs.  The drug named Apoquel™ (oclacitinib) was developed by Zoetis (formerly Pfizer) and will be officially launched and available after January 20, 2014.   We at D4A are already familiar with Apoquel™ because of […]

The Science and Art of Desensitization (Part 2)

In the past the only way to desensitize a patient was to give the allergen by injection.  Now we also have the option of sublingual which is drops under the tongue.  Once allergy test results are obtained, these results should always be critically analyzed to insure that the results are consistent with the patients ’itch […]

The Science and Art of Desensitization (Part 1)

Allergy shots which is also known as immunotherapy or desensitization, has been one of the safest, non-drug method to treat allergies in people and animals for many years.  It also remains one of the more challenging aspects of dermatology to master.   Even though at D4A we feel the intradermal allergy (skin) test is the best […]

Why Veterinary Research Matters

Reading about the recent study where researchers at Cambridge University took cells from the lining of paraplegic dogs’ noses and injected them into their spines, improving their ability to move their hind legs reminded me of why I get excited about clinical research. See this awesome video of Jasper before and after therapy- “Click Here” […]

Puppy Love: Pugs and Kisses, Oh, and Ear flushes

When I was in general practice, some of my favorite cases were new puppies as this gave me the opportunity to try to educate people early on regarding some of preventative measures that can be taken in order to control for possible ear and skin problems in the future as well as help their pet […]

The BEAR Necessity:

Although the majority of the cases that walk through the door are dogs, cats and the occasional horse, every once in a while we each get the lucky call to come help with a wild animal. In our Albuquerque practice we have been fortunate to get to work with a wildlife rescue who recently had […]

A New Approach to Immunotherapy

  Allergen specific immunotherapy, also sometimes called “allergy shots,” is often the preferred method of treatment for atopic dermatitis (allergic skin and ear disease triggered by environmental allergens such as dust mites, pollens, molds, etc.).  After allergies have been diagnosed and allergy testing is performed on a patient, an individualized allergen serum is formulated based […]

Pyogranulomatous Dermopanniculitis

Louie is a beautiful and beloved Bearded Collie who came to see Dermatology for Animals after a mysterious wound appeared on the inside of his right front leg.  Numerous different treatments had been tried, but there was no response and his wound was continuing to get bigger and bigger.  The owners and the veterinarian who […]