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Fun happenings around Dermatology for Animals!

Celebrating 30 Amazing Years

30 years strong because of an amazing foundation 

Dermatology for Animals

Dermatology Clinics for Animals was started in 1991 by Dr. Tom Lewis and consisted of 3 part-time locations between Phoenix and Tucson AZ and Albuquerque NM. Due to a very limited number of practicing board certified dermatologist, practice locations were expanded over several years into Salt Lake City UT, Omaha NE and El Paso Texas. By 2001 Dr Lewis was unable to adequately service all locations and Dr. Kimberly Coyner joined the practice, which then started training residents. The first two residents were Drs Ed Jazic and Anthea Schick whom, along with Dr. Rose Miller eventually became co-founders of Dermatology for Animals (D4A). Under their guidance D4A has expanded into 10 states and successfully trained 15 residents who have become Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. The wonderfully skilled and compassionate staff of D4A has truly improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats and horses suffering with skin disorders.

Dr. Lewis and Lynette

Gilbert Team

Spokane/CDA Team

Akron Team

Tucson Team

Avondale Team

Allergen Team

Scottsdale Team

Campbell Team

Emily California

Salt Lake Team

Dr. Lewis and Donna

Campbell Team

Campbell Team

Albuquerque Team

Omaha Team

Campbell Team

Campbell Team

Emily California

Akron Team

Akron Team

Campbell Team

Rochester Team

Groomer Seminar - Spokane, Washington

Hosted by Dr. Rose Miller and her team

We love sharing!  At Dermatology for Animals we know that professional groomers see pets every 6-8 weeks and are on the front lines for pet skin health.  Partnering with them and offering educations classes is something we really enjoy doing.  

Annual Doctor Retreat


Zip Line 2019


Hiking 2019


Celebrating National Bosses Day

Dermatology for Animals

Core Values Achievement Award

Emily Thompson - 3rd QTR, 2019

Emily Thompson has been a Dermatology for Animal​s team member since 2017.

She is the Team Lead at our Oakland, California office.  

Emily received this award for Excellence, Integrity and Service. 

Katie Mededith - 4th QTR, 2019

Katie has been a Dermatology for Animals team member since April 2019. She is a CSR/technician and works at our Spokane, Washington office.  

Katie received this award for

Align to Shine and Integrity.

Daniel Keularts - 1st QTR, 2021

Daniel has been a Dermatology for Animals team member since April 2014. He is the lead/jack of all trades and works at our Albuquerque, New Mexico office.

Daniel has received this award for

Excellence, Improve It, and Integrity.


IDAT (Intradermal Allergy Test)

Zak is a 14 year old, Dutch Warmblood.  He presented with hives (urticaria) at his fist visit with Dermatology for Animals. 

After other testing, Dr. Laporte and Shilo, from our Salt Lake City, Utah office, performed a skin allergy test on Zak.  

This test will reveal what he is allergic to, and he can get started on immunotherapy (allergy shots).

The pictures show the progression of the test, with the final results on the last two photos.  He had several positive reactions.

Dr. Laporte & Zak

Meet Bunny!

Bunny is an 8 yr. old, Warmblood.  Ausha, from our Salt Lake City office is administering

an IDAT (intradermal allergy test) to see what's causing his allergies.

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