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Dermatology for Animals

Core Values Achievement Award

Emily Thompson - 3rd QTR

Emily Thompson has been a Dermatology for Animal​s team member since 2017.

She is the Team Lead at our Oakland, California office.  Emily received this award for excellence, integrity and service.​


IDAT (Intradermal Allergy Test)

Zak is a 14 year old, Dutch Warmblood.  He presented with hives (urticaria) at his fist visit with Dermatology for Animals. 

After other testing, Dr. Laporte and Shilo, from our Salt Lake City, Utah office, performed a skin allergy test on Zak.  

This test will reveal what he is allergic to, and he can get started on immunotherapy (allergy shots).

The pictures show the progression of the test, with the final results on the last two photos.  He had several positive reactions.

Dr. Laporte & Zak

Meet Bunny!

Bunny is an 8 yr. old, Warmblood.  Ausha, from our Salt Lake City office is administering

an IDAT (intradermal allergy test) to see what's causing his allergies.

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