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Success Stories

We are happy to be able to share some of our successes over the years.  

Food Allergy & Atopy

Meet the Lemmons "Frenchie" brothers, Beastie & Batman.  These 2 year old litter mates came to us two months ago for a year long history of year round itchiness, but really came to a head when they were boarded. They were started on a diet trial but ultimately decided to allergy test as well. Today their allergen was formulated for injections and they received a Cytopoint injection to control their itch, for now. Their IDAT (intradermal allergy test) showed

mostly reactions to grasses but Batman also had

reactions to storage and dust mites.

Their recovery was smooth. 

They did really well and were very good boys.

We will follow their progress with immunotherapy

(allergy shots) and keep you updated.

Oakland, CA office.

Success Story!

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